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Erdäpfelsalat / potato salad

Travelling, on one hand, has taught me to be more adaptable. On the other hand, exotic new flavours in exotic new lands have left an indelible mark on my tastebuds, and leave me pining for these exotic flavours when I’m back home 😦

I feel lucky to have tried so many types of good food in different countries, and am certainly looking forward to many more food adventures 😀 Again, in no particular order, the items by continent:


  • France: grenouille, escargots, MORE pastries and pain au chocolat… foie gras (just once for a taste though – I am aware of the animal abuse)… macarons at Ladurée or Pierre Hermé
  • Café des Deux Moulins – featured in Amélie, my favourite French film 😀 and Discover Walk Paris’ recommendations for the top 5 bakeries in Paris 😀
  • Italy: pizza by weight, authentic pasta, risotto, regional specialities, gelato…. I miss Grom, a gelato shop in Milan! Could always remember their tagline “il gelato come una volta”. (This reminds me of a very memorable moment when a pigeon pooped on me in front of the famous opera house La Scala. Funny that I felt more relieved that it landed on my old Nokia phone rather than on the gelato; luckily the phone survived.) 
  • Hungary: goulash, lescó, lángos, paprikash, fisherman’s soup and a lot more túrós csucza!!
  • Switzerland: raclette, fondue, more Rösti, cheese and chocolates of course
  • Austria: Wiener Scnitzel, Wiener Rindsgulasch, Käsespätzle, Tafelspitz, Spinatstrudel, Stelze, Apfelstrudel, Topfenstrudel, Sachertorte, Palatschinken, more ice-cream (didn’t have time to try Zanoni & Zanoni)….
  • Spain: tapas, paella, horchata, sangria, churros con chocolate
  • UK: Haggis, colcannon, bubble & squeak, more pies

Latin America

  • Peru: papas a la Huancaína, ají de gallina, ceviche, causa, pisco sour…
  • Argentina: alfajores, empanadas y muchas más
  • Mexico: tortilla, taco, quesadilla, burrito, chimi changa….

Elsewhere in the world

  • poutine in Quebec
  • Tibetan yak butter tea
  • rougaille and dholl puri and other types of Mauritian food

And anything else around the world except innards and (to some extent) raw food… Open to suggestions!! What is a MUST-try food or drink in your home country?

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