A day trip to Bratislava

With time quickly running out before having to leave Vienna 😥 , it was imperative that a trip to Bratislava be made. After all, it’s only just over an hour from Vienna by train! Unfortunately the “spring” weather of 2014 was often erratic with showers on weekENDs. Or I would have loved to visit other parts of Austria that I’ve heard of, e.g. Hallstatt, Graz, Linz…

This time, instead of travelling alone, I went with my good friend from Vienna and he was my guide 😀  As much as I love going places solo, there were certain moments when I wished that there was someone next to me to share it with. Also, it was nice not having to figure out everything, hehe. 🙂

At the then-uncompleted Wien Hauptbahnhof, we bought a Bratislava ticket each. For €16 it entitles you to a return train ticket (to/from from any station in Bratislava) and a day pass for public transport (tram and bus) in Bratislava. Good deal!

The train journey from Vienna to Bratislava only took 1 hour and 15 minutes. Theoretically, if they wanted to, people living in Vienna and Bratislava could just have lunch or dinner in a different country, and come back on the same day. I’ve heard that people living in Bratislava commute to Vienna daily for work. Does anyone know of two other capital cities that are so close by to each other? I can’t think of any!

From the main train station Bratislava hl.st. (“hlavná stanica”), we walked for about 20min to the city centre (there is a bus service for this route, but we missed it closely).

This current Bratislava Castle is actually a fairly recent replica of the original castle, so it doesn’t have much of that medieval feel that other castles in Europe have. Climbing uphill to the castle grounds took some effort because I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, as I was running late to meet my friend at the train station. Ooops. It shouldn’t be a problem if you are reasonably fit, though.

Another short tram ride and we got to the Old Town. The city is quaint and small enough to explore in one afternoon. (We arrived around 11am and left around 3pm.) It was nice to stroll about the main town square and this broad avenue lined with trees.

What’s really charming about this small city is that there are quirky little statues scattered around, like Cumil the plumber who seems to be climbing out from the sewage!

Inside St Michael’s gate and tower there is a museum of weapons and fortifications. If you climb up the rickety staircase, you’ll be rewarded by a panoramic view of the Old Town. Aren’t those roofs pretty from above! 🙂

We both agreed that it would have been nice to leave from Vienna by boat and return from Bratislava by bus. It was a bit too late and last-minute tickets were about €40 per head! The next time around, we shall try to book tickets for the Twin City Liner way in advance.

PS. Please check out a new page on this blog >>> my never ending travel bucket list!


9 thoughts on “A day trip to Bratislava

  1. A couple of years ago, I was traveling through Europe and during my flight from Vienna to Amsterdam, our airline decided to take us all to Bratislava airport instead of Vienna. We were delayed for 7 hours and the worst thing was, nobody would tell us exactly when the flight will finally depart. I could’ve done a short trip in the city. 😦

    Now your post made me remember how frustrating that flight was for me. Lol.


    1. Oh no, sorry to hear about your bad experience 😦 I can relate to that as I was once in a similar situation at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Hope one day you’ll be able to return but with a happy experience instead 🙂


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