Easter Weekend in Prague

A really honest title should read “A Long Delayed Post About Prague with A Lot More Pictures”.

If you’re planning on spending the long Easter weekend in Prague, PLAN WELL IN ADVANCE unless you want to risk having to sleep on the streets.

Before I left for Vienna, travel plans were already forming in my head for Prague, Budapest, Hallstatt, Graz, Bratislava… or as far as time and money would allow me. Alas! I was so busy with work that I did not have time to give my travel plans much thought…….

…….. until it hit me that it’s almost Easter and I hadn’t made any concrete travel plans aaaaaaahhh!!!!! It was utter MADNESS to buy the train tickets and book accommodation and pack my bags and do travel research on the same day. Not to mention the almost impossible task of finding a hostel/hotel room, because all the rooms within my budget have been fully booked! Palpitations! LUCKILY I found one in the end, thanks to my good friend. I would have preferred some other options nearer to the city centre, but beggars can’t be choosers… Lesson learnt!! It was freezing (8°C) and rainy when I first arrived, and was lost and miserable as I couldn’t find my hostel – but that’s a story for another day 😉

By the way, I stayed at Chilli Hostel. Not the best hostel nor one I’d normally choose to stay in, but I was desperate to have a place to sleep. The toilets were tiny (even for me as a fun-sized 5-footer) and I read reviews that cautioned people to safeguard their belongings. The room was OK, clean enough, but the WiFi was patchy at best. The good thing though, was that it is within 10-15 min walking distance to the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge about halfway in between.

As expected, all of Europe was gathered there. Not surprising because the weather was amazing and the sky so blue 😀

The city looks as though it was plucked straight out of a fairytale book! 😀 The Easter markets at the Old Town Square added even more charm and atmosphere.

Since I tend to get lost really easily, I joined the Prague Royal Walk Free Tour – the yellow umbrellas by the Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Square – where our lovely guide walked us through the rich history of Prague from medieval times to the communist era to present day (*free = tip-based, but the guides are really good). Random trivia: there have been two defenestrations in the history of Prague – to defenestrate is to throw someone out of the window…

Because we (two other awesome ladies travelling solo & I) were really happy with the free tour, we decided to join the Prague Castle Tour (€10) right after. (Seriously, don’t do this to your legs if you don’t like walking! Also, wear comfortable walking shoes.) The ticket is inclusive of a 24-hour ticket as the group will take a tram up the beautiful castle district 😀 These are some of the sights we stopped at – feeling bad for having forgotten most of the names now 😦

As you can see, it was about to rain towards the latter part of the afternoon.

The famous Charles Bridge in bad weather (day 2) and good weather (morning of day 3):

It was full of life even right before it started to rain, with pedestrians taking photos, artists selling caricatures, street musicians busking for change, others peddling their wares…

I definitely would have loved to stay for longer – there is so much more to do and see! And to those who have never been to this lovely city, do come to Prague the next time you are in Europe!

PS. Buy your train tickets from ÖBB at least three days in advance, in order to take advantage of much cheaper fares. I learned this the hard way, but with a VORTEILSCARD Jugend it wasn’t so painful.

Here’s a map by Travelabulous to show where on earth the abovementioned places are!


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