Coming back

 bye Vienna, hello Semenyih

when i first arrived back in malaysia  it felt so surreal

everything seems at once so foreign yet so familiar:

the buildings, the streets, the heat, the humidity, the plants

in my mind’s eye i still see vienna. i see the street where i lived at and the way to the university. i see türkenstraße, votivkirche, sigmund freud park, schottentor/universität, liebiggasse. i hear the sweet sounds of accordion music from people busking for change; i hear an der schönen blauen donau at every instance

when i open my eyes i see palm trees, rumah terres, kampungs, kopitiams. i hear nature’s orchestra, of crickets and frogs.

oh the images of vienna are so vivid. i dream of vienna.

in my dreams i taste a Wiener Melange, a Römerquelle prickelnd. in my mouth i taste a heavily sugared instant white coffee.

it’s good to be back. it’s good to see familiar faces, hear familiar voices again. but vienna, how i miss you so.


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