First impressions

The first week, though hectic, was interesting. New sights, new experiences, new environment…!!

Here are some of the things that caught my attention immediately:

1. Austrian office hours are tricky to decipher, to say the least. From what I’ve noticed so far, some are open from 8am-12pm; some 9am-12pm on certain days and 10am-12pm on other days……… Generally offices here are open for longer hours on Thursdays but shorter on Wednesdays, however some close at two (pm) and some at three and some at four. So if you happen to oversleep on a day when a certain office is only open until 12pm, then you can only get things done the next day.

2. Austrian toilets. The toilets are really clean and the flush always works! Oh, and environmentally friendly too. In almost all the ones I’ve had to use, the toilet lights are switched on automatically with a sensor only when someone enters. Ok, maybe you might think that I come from a jungle, but this would save on a lot of electricity, wouldn’t it?

3. Crossing the road is like paradise. (Almost) everyone respects the pedestrian lights. But of course there are some crazy drivers who drive past even when the pedestrian green light is on, and some crazy pedestrians who cross when the light is already red.

4. Drinking from the tap is a luxury! Back home you’re asking for trouble if you drink straight from the tap, though I do so once in a blue moon, when I’m desperately thirsty. The water that comes out of the taps here is ready to drink and does not have any unpleasant chemical taste. Imagine if you’re tired and lazy and thirsty – you don’t have to drag yourself to boil a pot of water 😀 Having said that, I also looove sparkling mineral water!! On a related note, the fruit juices taste just right – not too sweet like the ones in Malaysia – and the waiters always ask if you want it sparkling. Mmm, Apfelsaftgespritzt… 🙂



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