I’m going to Vienna!

As many of you may already know, I will be leaving the jungle very soon for Vienna, Austria!! (Correction: I have already landed in Vienna for a week but have been too busy to complete the post 😦 … )

I will be here for three months to collect data for my research, and will be working at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna with Prof. Ulrich Ansorge as my host supervisor. (More on my research in a future post.) This visit will be funded by the Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide.

Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna

How did this awesome opportunity come about? In August 2012 I attended the XXI Biennal Conference on Human Ethology in Vienna, where I also won a Poster Award. There I met people from different fields in anthropology, human ethology, psychology and many other areas; I happened to speak to a PhD student about his research and found out about the eye-tracking research that they conduct at the Faculty of Vienna.

Shortly after the conference, my supervisor Dr Ian Stephen informed his students about a grant, for which confirmation of a host supervisor is needed, so I wrote to the supervisor of this student to ask for permission.

Long story short, I didn’t get that grant, but some time later I stumbled upon this scholarship on the Austrian grants database two weeks before the deadline (1st of March every year). So began a writing frenzy to convince the powers that be on why they should fund a three-month research visit for data collection!!

So keep fighting for what you want and one day they will come true 🙂 


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